The themes we have been practicing each month at Nourishing Storm since 2014 (and Inspiring Storm since 2019) have guided the inspiration and insights that we share on the mat, in the cafe, within our communities and out into our lives. 

We’ve captured those same themes in our Spiraling to Wellness Series, where once a month,  we gather (virtually or in-person) to share tools based on Awareness, Movement and Nutrition

2020…A look back at how we moved forward. 

In January, we began our journey with Purify, a time to clear out the old and prepare for all that was to come. Little did we know how important this would be. 

Our February theme was Devotion in our daily practices… another important way to set the foundation for the year ahead.

In March, as COVID-19 became a very real threat, we directed energy to staying Inspired and learning to dance in the Storm that we found ourselves in. 

Hope led the way in April. Even though we missed “normal” life and had to stay at home and keep everyone safe, we found strength in our ability to stay positive. 

In May, we set our hearts and minds on having Faith that this was all happening for us, not to us. As we continued to distance physically, we practiced creative ways to raise our vibration and stay connected. 

June was a month to Honor where we came from and the process that was developing for how we could navigate as our businesses and life outside our homes started to reopen. 

The summer brought us the opportunity to see the Truth that we have everything inside of us that we need. 

Loyalty was celebrated as we leaned into the tribe around us, remembering how supported we are and how we are never really alone. 

As we moved into the fall and back to a schedule of sorts, we found peace in Consistency, in how others showed up, and in how we were able to show up each and every day.

By October we discovered Sustainable places to get the resources we need while learning ways to conserve energy, take notes from nature to find rest, honor the stillness, remember what is important, and truly listen to our inner compass.

Bounty came in November as we realized how interconnected we are. Like a painting: colors and how they blend, brush strokes, and the collective energy it takes to make that painting what it is meant to be. We are very much like the painting in how we blend our efforts to create a better picture of the world; something that is essential in these times.

By going within and connecting with others in new and different ways, we made room for Tranquility. 

All together, we were reminded of how truly blessed we are for the opportunity to wake up and be curious about what we can and will experience in this beautiful world we are creating. We never expected the year we got, but we all learned and grew and now we have the opportunity to create a whole new year, a whole new life, moment by moment, step by step. We are truly in this together.

 And your Storm team is so honored you have chosen to dance along with us and we hope you will continue to do so in the New Year!

And so we begin again … 

Our 2021 themes are about continuing to come from your center, keeping your practice strong, nourishing yourself from the inside out. 2021 is about being authentic, doing and saying what feels right for you while staying connected to the world around you and the beautiful souls that you choose to dance with to collectively rebuild a better world painted with respect, kindness, unity, and love…always love.

We are beyond excited to explore our 2021 themes with you and will continue to do what we love with your support. We are still standing in the Storm because of your faith in the Storm(s), in the process, in community, connection and the ways yoga so beautifully provides union within ourselves and the world around us.

Spiraling to Wellness Member Portal – NEW to 2021

Join us for a year of Spiraling with another set of universal themes centered around our guiding principles of awareness, nutrition and movement. 

New to this year we have created a Spiraling to Wellness Member Portal where you can access resources from the Storm Team relating to the theme of the month. All content will be released on the 1st of each month so you can explore and integrate the insights and recommendations anytime you like throughout the month. As of a member of this portal, you will also get an invite to join our monthly zoom meeting to discuss the theme on the first Thursday of each month at 7pm.

Here are some things you’ll find on the S2W portal this year!

  • Introduction to the Theme 
  • Powerful Questions 
  • Healing through Writing 
  • Book Recommendations 
  • Yoga Sequences 
  • Pose Tutorials
  • Healthy Eating Tips
  • Guided Meditations
  • Rituals
  • Recipes
  • Playlists
  • Invite to our monthly talk!
  • And much more!!

We are excited to offer this portal to keep sharing and growing together. Join us anytime! We start on January 1st!!

Contribution to join: $21/a month

Find out more on joining the portal here!

Lean on the Storm(s), your safe haven, to practice, nourish, connect, grow, share and be YOU in 2021. Here’s to your most connected, fulfilled year yet!!

  • Kristin + the NS Team

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