Hello most beautiful Spiraling to Wellness Storm Life community! This year took us in many directions, all of which brought us to a new level of understanding and a stronger place to build upon. We have evolved both individually and together in more ways than one. Our themes guided the way, along with the energy and support of our most incredible community. If you are new to our tribe or simply would like some lovely reminders of where we danced together, here is our year in review.

2021… A look back at how we gracefully danced forward. 

January- Choose

February- Accept

March- Rebound

April- Dream

May- Believe

June- Emerge

July- Heal

August- Integrate

September- Expand

October- Flourish 

November- Unite

December- Transcend

As we wrap up our year and begin to make plans for 2022, we are excited to announce the themes we will dance together to in the new year. We will be playing with opposites in order to find our own deeper truths and those of the world around us. We invite you to read each word, absorb it, breathe it in and then release it so that you can be truly surprised by the way each unfolds in your life.

And so we begin again … 

This will be our 10th and BEST year. The Storm teams and I truly hope you will dance with us in whatever way you are called.

We are beyond excited to explore our 2022 themes with you on our Spiraling to Wellness Member Portal. We are a tribe of those that believe in discovering who we are each and every day and showing up for our practices while supporting the journey of others in the most uplifting, nourishing ways.

Join us for another year of Spiraling both on and off the mat with another set of universal themes centered around our guiding principles of awareness, nutrition and movement. 

Here are some things you’ll find on the S2W portal this year!

  • Introduction to the Theme 
  • Powerful Questions 
  • Healing through Writing 
  • Book Recommendations 
  • Yoga Sequences 
  • Pose Tutorials
  • Healthy Eating Tips
  • Guided Meditations
  • Rituals
  • Recipes
  • Playlists
  • Invite to our monthly talk! (Second Sunday at 10am live at Nourishing Storm)
  • And much more!!

Join us anytime! We start on January 1st!!

Contribution to join: $22/a month or $222 for the year!

Find out more on joining the portal here!

Lean on the Storm(s), your safe haven, to practice, nourish, connect, grow, share and be YOU in 2022. Here’s to your most connected, fulfilled year yet!!

In Gratitude, Kristin + the NS Team

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