“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”

– Rumi


Beauty is the foundation, it is looking and seeing depth. Truly seeing beauty means not only seeing the flower, but also the way it is rooted into the earth and how the whole world operates in perfect balance just to keep it alive.

“What if we are all that special that the universe bends over backwards to save us, and sometimes we are just that lucky to see it.”- from Winters Tale

Next time you are driving or riding in a car, see what you can notice and see how you feel as you focus all your attention on the beauty around you. Pull over and capture a photo. Tag me @spiraltowellness and add in #nsbeauty as I would love to see what you discover along your way.

Explore: Take a Nature Walk


Mindful Walking Meditation

To take your nature walk one step further, let’s add a meditation. Meditation can be anything where you really “focus” on something. This could be gardening, doing dishes, taking a shower, anything that helps you connect. In meditation, unlike our devices, thinking does not “turn off” but when practiced often, you may be able to notice that you no longer need to attach to your thoughts and/or create stories that take you away from the present moment. 

Next time you are out in nature, take a meditation walk … 

  • Recognize your thoughts (clarity)
  • Thank them (gratitude) 
  • And then let them pass (release)*

PQ: What did you observe on your walk?

PQ: What did nature teach you?

Put all your attention into the beauty unfolding at every moment. When you lose sight of this, simply come back to your breath and your surroundings.  

*Clarity, Gratitude and Release are three themes from the first Spiraling to Wellness Layer 1. This practice is a review in how these themes can be applied as we keep learning, growing and adding on.


As beautiful as it can be to take in your surroundings it can be equally beautiful to “eat the rainbow.” Your body thrives on naturally colored whole foods. The more variety you can get in each day the better. Each color offers an array of health benefits: heart (red), eyes (orange), skin (yellow), bones (green) and brain (blue). This 5 Color approach was inspired by Karl Lovas who founded Healthy Kids Concepts, an organization that educates and motivates young people to be healthy and active (www.HealthyKidsConcepts.com).

I teach 5 Colors when I lead smoothie demos for kids; but they apply to everyone and can really make a difference as we age. So no matter how old you are, you are rebuilding each and everyday (every 7 years we are completely new) so add in beautiful colors to your meals and notice how vibrant you feel. 

Eat the Rainbow- Make a Beautiful Meal

You can make anything from a smoothie, acai bowl, salad, soup, etc. with colorful foods. Here are some tips as you put together your rainbow and a few recipes below to get you started. 

  • Use a variety of colorful veggies when making salads and soups
  • Focus on one color to make a powerful smoothie
  • Make it seasonal- use fruits and veggies from a farmers market or look up what’s seasonal and gather from your local market.
  • Make it fresh- colorful fruits and veggies are most alive when used in the first few days unless they are frozen at their peak.
  • Mindfully notice the texture, how it feels to eat, and most importantly how you feel after you eat it!


I see beauty everywhere

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