Spiraling to Wellness Journals

Explore on paper and at your on pace in Layers 1 & 2 …

– Inspiring quotes

– Stories

– Exercises

– Powerful questions

– Fun food tie-ins

– Yoga poses

– Mantras

…. and so much more!

Layer 1

Layer 2

Layers 1 & 2

“Spiraling into Wellness is truly one of the most beautiful books I own. Not only is it a book, but a journal as well which I just love. It wonderfully written and keeps me on track with my personal journey. I have learned so much about myself since I began spiraling into wellness. I bring it with me everywhere I go.”  –


Spiraler & Massage Therapist

“Spiraling to Wellness is a fantastic book, suitable for any stage of your wellness journey. Kristin breaks each chapter down into an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand format, with information to guide and assist you. And I love that she includes writing prompts that make you stop and think about where you want your life to go. The book will gently guide you on a quest to reset your mindset, reboot your relationship with food, and help you become a better version of yourself. I keep the book on hand as a go-to resource when I need a little inspiration, and a reminder of what it is I am working towards in my life. Highly recommend!”


Spiraler & Chef