“Invisible threads are the strongest ties.”

– Friedrich Nietzsche


I often think of how I can best connect with everything and everyone around me. Even though we are all unique expressions and are all in different containers, there is something that connects us… and that is the desire to connect. 

We crave being together… with someone or something. There are times my cravings take me out in the woods while other times they have me running to my tribe (family/friends). In each and every case, we have the ability to connect with what is around us. There are times in my own life when I have forgotten this and allowed loneliness to take over. But nature always has a way of reminding me how to connect anytime, anywhere.  

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Interconnectedness at its best can be found within our cells. The central nervous system informs the cells and the cells inform the Central Nervous System of all that needs to be connected.  Information flows back and forth like the waves of the ocean. Just as yoga has taught me there is no right or wrong, there is only the real truth, the truth within, perceived at each and every moment, heard within your soul. 

When we move on our mats, our asana (posture) is pure truth in who we are at that very moment. This interplay comes off the mat in who we are in our work, at home, in our relationships. A linking of the postures is its most elegant form. What more could we ask for as an example of connection within and at every moment?!

A few years ago I noticed something within was shifting. I was being pulled to take my movement practice off the mat. And so I started to play some of my favorite songs as I explored the asanas I had been practicing for well over a decade along with dance moves from being a ballerina most of my young life. All of the sudden I was linking yoga with dance and I could not find more joy than when I was exploring my “Self” in this expression. As the call kept getting louder I took a leap and booked a week in Santa Fe to get trained in the ways of Nia. I needed a week to devote to dancing, to finding the pure joy within. And pure joy I found. It took a lot of tears and unraveling but I found the joy I had been pushing down. After dancing all day, I continued to dance my way around my lovely little Airbnb each night while cooking dinner and then again until I fell asleep each night. 

Although the discipline of Nia was not what I wanted to teach going forward in my studio, I found, in the pure joy of movement, the connection I needed to integrate into my practice and eventually into how I taught this new expression of yoga and dance at the Storm. So upon arriving home I went back into the studio day after day and discovered the class I had been searching to teach. And I called it Yoga Dance: Spiraling your way to Wellness. You know how much we like spiraling!

Yoga Dance

Yoga Dance is a blend of yoga postures, dance moves and even stillness designed to bring your happiest, most vibrant self to the surface so that you can live your most authentic, joyful life!

We are all born to move, to dance and to feel alive! But sometimes layers of stress, tension, responsibilities, etc. can start to pile on and we forget how and why we need to move. You do not have to be a “dancer” to practice in a Yoga Dance session. Just like with yoga, there is no right or wrong pose. In Yoga Dance you are simply asked to move (both on and off the mat) in ways that feel right as you are guided to discover, activate and release. And once you start moving in these natural, healing ways, your creativity has free reign to spiral!

So get ready…It’s your turn. Put on your favorite music, alone or with a partner, in your home, a forest, under the stars, whatever connects you. Just close your eyes and sense your breath, your heart beat and then start letting your body be the teacher. It is much wiser than we give it credit for. Do it alone if you feel silly, but if you are brave enough to do with friends or family, your tribe, the energy that you will move away with could just be enough to light that spark and get you spiraling in the direction of your dreams!


When it comes to healing, whether it is a massage for the tightness I have gathered in my back(again) or a home remedy for myself or my children, I go to my friend Nikki Savage for connected guidance. When I asked her about connection and herbs, here is what she beautifully shared: 

Healing Herbs by Nikki Savage

It is empowering to make our own medicine.  I believe there is some added healing quality created in the making something subtle but palpable when we are so intimately connected with the medicine we prepare for ourselves.

There is medicine found in the act of gathering herbs, in the choosing of herbs to use, in the shaking of a jar full of a tincture. We can chant, we can sing, we can dance healing into our medicine when we make it ourselves.  And most importantly, we can take ownership of our healing.

There will be times when we need fast medicine that we don’t have on hand and that’s okay. But when we can be connected to our healing, we can be sure our whole selves are nurtured.  We can address our unique symptoms and, with time, know which herbs work to heal them within our own bodies.  Medicine is not “one size fits all”.  And with holistic medicine, we want to find the root cause and heal from there.  But we can still add into our medicine some herbs that will help us find comfort while we heal.  

Take a common cold.  We can address our immune system with echinacea tincture, our pain and restlessness with valerian, our fever with yarrow or willow bark, our cough with wild cherry bark and maybe slippery elm or marshmallow if it is dry or hyssop or elecampane if it is wet.  We can create a syrup or tea as unique as our own constitution.  Or we can use herbs in our foods like a few pieces of turmeric root in our soup broth to help with inflamed tissue or fennel on the side of a dish that can typically cause bloating. 

Let’s try a common herb… Dandelions

  1. Go to a place where you know they were not sprayed.  
  2. Take a notebook and draw it, write poetry about it, meditate and commune with it, or connect in whatever way feels natural to you.  
  3. Gather some up with a heart full of gratitude.  Let them wilt then make a fresh infusion with the flowers and experience the herb through taste and smell as you inhale the steam.
  4. Set some flowers aside and infuse them in fresh spring water in a crystal bowl in the light of the full moon over night.  See how it compares to the traditional infusion.
  5. Make a fresh salad or pesto with the nutrient rich leaves that support our gut health.
  6. Chop the root up and roast it in a cast iron skillet or in the oven and use it to make a tea to help support liver health.  

All this from one plant that we can find for free. Oh, and don’t forget to find a dandelion that has gone to seed before you leave …

Bring it up to your lips, make a wish and send it off into the winds to create new medicine for another day.

You can read more about the ways of healing with Nikki Savage at www.thewayibee.com.


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