“Always expect a miracle to happen.”


Do you believe life is happening to you or for you? How is it that some people are doing what they love and enjoying life as it comes while others are resisting and struggling, wishing things were different? The only difference is the lens we choose to wear. We all have challenges, heartaches, wishes that may never come true. But we also all have gifts, opportunities and joyful happenings. If you can see past “why is this happening to me” and shift to “this is happening for me” you may find the miracle that is unfolding on the other side. 

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Scatter Joy

We are all made of energy and that energy needs to move. Especially when our perspective and enthusiasm are low. So how about just moving? 

You know by now how much I like my time in nature. It brings me pure joy and helps me transform any situation into a positive one just by being outside for a few minutes.  The more time I spend outside, the more positive and happy I feel. 

PQ: What is your happy place? 

PQ: When you feel called to move, do you like to walk/hike/run/dance/or something else?

Wherever this place is, go there as often as possible. Surround yourself by what draws you in (the light) and soon, you will be the source of light. In fact, you probably already are. Raise your vibration and thoughts and you will be in a better state to see the good; then go ahead and dance in joy.


Dine Like a Boss

What kind of place serves food that makes your soul dance in joy? For me, it’s Farm to Table places with a few favorites in Connecticut. These are usually small intimate places that source local produce, fish, etc. and where the chef changes the menu daily so you know everything is made with so much love and joy that you can taste it!

I also happen to live with a chef named Cathy and my mom lives right up the road (I am so blessed). Each of them prepares foods lovingly like everything they do. When I eat with my family, I savor every moment and not only because of the food, but for the family time as well. 

When I am traveling I seek out the same love and attention that goes into preparing meals and the energy that the space provides as well. When I was building the cafe at the Storm a few years back, this was a big focus of mine. We hear time and time again how comfortable and loved our customers feel as they grab-and-go drinks and food… or stay awhile and dine in. It makes a difference. So go ahead and dine like a boss. Go places that excite you, spoil yourself and your loved ones, savor every moment!

“Respond to every call that excites your spirit.”- Rumi


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