“Close your eyes. Fall in love. Stay there.”- Rumi


Remember a time when you were in love or when you looked in a child’s eyes and just felt complete magic, when time stood still and everything just made sense. Doesn’t your world just light up?  You feel this intense magic because you, at that moment and the moments to follow, are in tune with one of the deepest levels of connection we can (and are so lucky) to experience anytime we wish. In these moments, we are aware, accepting and totally exposed- we are (in) love.  

When you allow yourself to move from love, to let the rivers flow, you will find yourself more open, accepting, and able to give it to others, while receiving the love that lights the world. But in this place of deep loving, we are also completely vulnerable, we are open to the potential of losing this feeling, of being hurt or rejected.  It is completely scary to make yourself that vulnerable. I mean, what would happen if that hole in your heart was left empty, if your whole world came crashing down?


In the yoga tradition, the chakras are junction points between the physical body and consciousness. The human body contains seven major chakras that are aligned in a column from the base of the spine to the top of the head. The ancient sages envisioned the chakras as wheels or energy centers, and each one is associated with a specific vibration.

The heart chakra, known in Sanskrit as the anahata, is the energy center located in the area of our physical heart. This is the center in the body where love and spirit are joined. It is our heart that aches or fills with love, that feels compassion and trust . . . that seems empty or overflowing. When the energy in the heart chakra is flowing freely, we feel deeply connected to all beings and we experience an abundance of love, peace, and acceptance. When the heart center is blocked, we tend to feel isolated and fearful, unable to trust and receive the blessings of life.

Virabhadrasana (Warrior 1)

When you think of a warrior, what do you think? Brave, strong, confident, filled with love? Yes to all of the above including love. Warriors in yoga get their strength from grounding their feet to the earth, their confidence through practice, and their love through opening their heart. Practice this pose to feel the delicate balance between receiving energy from the earth and sending it right back out through your heart center towards the sky. 


  1. Standing tall in mountain pose, step your right foot back, placing it on a 45 degree angle to the heel of your left foot.
  2. Bend your front leg so your knee is directly over your ankle. 
  3. Take both hip points and draw them forward. 
  4. If you need to, widen your stance so you can get both hips forward. 
  5. Now inhale, lengthening through your spine and lift your arms overhead.
  6. Release your shoulder blades down your back and simply breathe here.
  7. After a few inhales, step together to the front of the map and repeat stepping the left leg back.


  • Make a “V”with our arms radiating love and joy
  • Interlock your hands behind your back, lift your heart and chin and shine.


  • Stretches the chest and lungs, shoulders and neck, belly, groins (psoas)
  • Strengthens the shoulders and arms, and the muscles of the back
  • Strengthens and stretches the thighs, calves and ankles

-Benefits from Yoga Journal


Eat Whole Foods for a Whole body. 

Just as we move from love, let us also show our bodies the most incredible form of love that we can give to ourselves- eating whole foods. Since we are literally made up of what we eat, why not choose foods that make us feel whole and alive? When you eat the wrong foods everyday such as artificial foods (those not made by mother-nature), then the ingredients start to become you and overtime, disease can and will strike.

Mantra: Love begins and ends with me.

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Playlist: NS Love

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