Join us for a year of Spiraling with another set of universal themes centered around our guiding principles of awareness, nutrition and movement. 

We have created a Spiraling to Wellness Member Portal where you can access resources from the Storm Team relating to the theme of the month. All content will be released on the 1st of each month so you can explore and integrate the insights and recommendations anytime you like throughout the month. As of a member of this portal, you will also get an invite to join our monthly meeting at Nourishing Storm the second Sunday at 10am for an active discussion related to the powerful questions presented each month!

Here are some things you’ll find on the S2W portal this year:

• Introduction to the Theme 

• Powerful Questions 

• Healing through Writing 

• Book Recommendations 

• Yoga Sequences 

• Pose Tutorials

• Healthy Eating Tips

• Guided Meditations

• Rituals

• Recipes

• Playlists

• Invite to our monthly talk!

• And much more!!

We BEGIN on January 1st!! #adventureawaits #stormlife 

Contribution to join: $22 a month or $222 for the entire year!

Join us!