“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.

Marcus Aurelius


Power is doing what is unthinkable. It is the blending of all we have discussed so far… focus, connection, beauty, strength, enthusiasm, presence and persistence… even when you think you have nothing left. And “think” is the key word. We generally don’t give ourselves credit for all we are. Power is not something that is beyond our reach, it is a force within us that carries us through to the perceived finish line of each goal. 

Power for me used to be having tough conversations. When I was not communicating effectively, I would first feel it in my throat and then I knew I had to dig deep to find the words. If I did not speak up, my throat started to hurt bad. I would feel that if I did not find my voice now I was going to lose it forever. And the voice that I did end up finding broke up friendships, my marriage, working relationships and more. All of it needed restructuring that was overdue. It was a muscle I had to grow. And with practice it became easier and my voice started to flow. I realized people were okay with me being real, honest and talking about the hard stuff. 

These days my power is in waking up before the sun, leaving my little ones cuddled up in bed, to catch a 6am flight (with a snowstorm on the way). It is choosing to be a single mom because I am stronger that way right now. It also means asking for help to keep my life in balance while I try my best to manage my family, business, health and creative fire, a lesson that has been hard but necessary for me to learn. And just like I built up the voice to talk about the hard things, I also found the voice to admit when I was vulnerable, feeling weak and really needed a break. The support that I have received is giving me the confidence to know that I am never truly alone in any of this, even if my mind tries to tell me something different. And when you travel, “alone” you need a powerful ally in your mind to keep yourself going for the long days and constantly changing scenes and people. 

Power is what we build up when we are authentic and true to ourselves. It is what we work for everyday, building reserves for when you need it most. And, once acquired, it is to be used only for the greater good. Let’s gather power in its entirety and explore the superpowers we all have within.

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Now that you mastered your plank challenge, let’s power up and turn it on its side.

Vasisthasana (VAH-shees-THAH-suh-nuh)- Side Plank Pose 

A powerful arm balance, Side Plank challenges your ability to stay focused and calm. Ease into the pose as your core becomes stronger. Play with the amount of time you want to stay lifted or make it a flow to go from plank to side plank right to plank to side plank left to plank and maybe even add a chaturanga- cha cha cha!


• Strengthens the arms, belly, and legs 

• Stretches and strengthens the wrists 

• Stretches the backs of the legs (in the full version described below) 

• Improves sense of balance 

Directions :

1. Begin in Downward-Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana). Lower your hips and shift your weight forward to come into Plank Pose.

2. Step your feet together and press your weight down through your right hand and forearm. Then, roll your body to the right, balancing on the outer edge of your right foot. Stack your left foot on top of your right foot and keep your legs straight. Beginners can lower their right knee and shin to the mat, keeping their hips lifted while building strength in the arms and torso. 

3. Extend your left arm to the sky, reaching through your fingertips as you lift your hips and firm the triceps of both arms. Feel the muscles across your shoulder blades flex. Firm your thighs, and press through your heels into the floor. 

4. Bring your body into one straight line. Gaze at your top palm. Press down through your bottom index finger. 

5. Hold for up to 30 seconds. Exhale as you slowly return to Plank Pose, then into Downward-Facing Dog. 

Repeat on the opposite side. 


• Lift top leg up 

• Lift top leg, bend at the knee and come into Tree 

• Lift top leg, reach and clasp onto big toe with peace sign fingers 

• Stretch top arm up overhead while lifting leg for extra toning 


• Lower to knee of the leg closest to the earth 

• Lower to forearm of arm closest to the earth 


Powerful Supplements

Let’s talk supplements. I would love to say we are getting enough vitamins and minerals in our diet throughout the day but with the kind of soil our plants are grown in and how stripped down our foods are as they are processed, most of us need supplements to keep our power going strong. 

When I went through a not so balanced state of health about two years ago, I needed vitamins… and badly. After weeks of brain fog, fatigue, not being able to digest a thing and a host of other symptoms that were telling me my body was out of whack, I went to see a holistic doctor for answers. I got tested and it turns our all my good bacteria was wiped out and I was low on a couple key vitamins. So for months while I was rebuilding my gut I relied on about 11 supplements a day including a heavy dose of probiotics to keep my body and mind strong. 

In that time I was eliminating all sugar (including fruit), caffeine, gluten, alcohol and most dairy. I had let stress, overwork lack of sleep and waiting too long between meals become the norm, After months it caught up to me like all chronic things do. It takes time to develop these issues, but when they finally hit, it’s like a mighty storm. 

I am so grateful for my doctors, healers and friends during that time. They each supported me and the processes I needed to bring myself back to health. In just less than 9 months I was able to wean myself off the vitamins and begin to add fruit and some other stuff back into my diet. What was really neat about this experience was that it is so humbling to go through a process where: first I truly needed help; second I needed to break down completely to rebuild; and then third, I started to feel how strong I could truly be when I treated my bod right! 

Another take away from my almost year of healing was that I now have a gauge, kind of like a fuel tank, to tell me when I am getting close to empty. I now know when to fuel up, what to have less of and what to add in. Sometimes that can be a healthy dose of Vitamins. This world of supplements is not an easy one to navigate so I learned to listen to my body and follow my intuition. Until you learn to do this, please consult your doctor if you are unsure in any way of what your body needs.

In the end, it truly came down to lowering my stress. But while I was learning to do that, I needed mighty supplements to boost me up…and that they did!

Some of my favs, can’t live without*:

Simple Again- Whey and Plant Protein + Core Supplements (Get Greens & Get Resistance must haves)

Sun Potions- Ayurvedic adaptogens (Lion’s Mane & Yin Power)

LifeAid- ImmunityAid & Recovery Aid for post workout

ADP- Oregano

Vital Nutrients

  • Vitamin B, C & D
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium

EM Probiotics

*Special note- these are Supplements and brands that worked for me. Talk to your doctor whenever you are adding in supplements of any kind. 

PQ: Where in your diet do you feel you are losing your power?

PQ: What is one thing you can do in the next week to boost your power nutritionally?


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