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Our happy customers have a lot to say about yoga, coaching and the Spiraling Journals!

While working with Kristin I have lost almost twenty pounds, started regular light exercise program, learned how to buy and cook healthier foods. Kristin has a way about her that encourages you to try new things that you would not normally consider; my first Yoga class was with Kristin. If you are ready for a healthier change in your life I strongly recommend Kristin Ritter as your guide.


Richard (Tock)

My first Client

“The moment I met Kristin Ritter I knew there was something extraordinary about her.  So after attending a few of Kristin’s yoga classes I wanted more and asked her for some personal coaching to help me take off excess weight.  Kristin’s amazing instincts and skillful probing quickly put me in touch with the root of my insecurity, long held fears that had nothing to do with my waist size.  Her deep understanding and broad knowledge of holistic health and human psychology soon set me on my path to healing.  While reading the pages of Spiraling to Wellness I relived those memorable coaching sessions and once again felt the love, compassion, wisdom and inspiration that flow so freely from the heart and mind of this beautiful human being. “ – John



Yoga Teacher & Coaching Client

While I have benefited physically from my yoga practice, losing some weight and gaining in my flexibility, the biggest benefit was a shift in my perspective and comfort in my own skin. Although there have been so many “A-Ha” moments over the last 9 months, I don’t feel like I am a different person. I have simply begun the journey of shedding some of the layers that we hide behind for protection. I feel like each day I am able to see more of myself and for that I am incredibly grateful to Kristin. Her patient, generous and open spirit is infectious. Her soul shines.



Yoga Student + Coaching Client

“Kristin is a very knowledgeable holistic wellness coach and mentor. I highly look up to her for vigor and really enjoy how much she strives to help people become the best version of themselves. By attending the Spiraling to Wellness workshops, reading the book and attending classes at Nourishing Storm I have found that yoga and journaling really works for me and has become a part of my daily routine. It has taught me to slow down and take time out for me. Yet, also has shown me how to still remain mindful of myself as well as remaining mindful to others. The book includes some short yoga flow routines and healthy recipes that you can do at home which are fun as well. The book is a beautiful and interesting read.”



Yoga Student & Spiraler

I quickly signed on for coaching sessions with Kristin after attending a couple Nourishing Storm events. Kristin is a catalyst for me. I get the impression that she boldly takes on just about any interesting challenge that comes her way.

To my surprise, Kristin’s encouragement has me saying “Yes!” to things I never thought I’d do – paddle board yoga, kayaking, barre3 workouts, & working toward a more plant-based diet. I’m getting back to interests and activities that matter to me. Most importantly, I’m doing the work of getting healthier, happier, and more physically confident in my yoga practice and my life in general.

I think this is the start of something really great, and I’m very thankful to Kristin and Nourishing Storm for reigniting my desire for adventure and change.”



Client & Explorer

“Spiraling into Wellness is truly one of the most beautiful books I own. Not only is it a book, but a journal as well which I just love. It is wonderfully written and keeps me on track with my personal journey. I have learned so much about myself since I began spiraling into wellness. I bring it with me everywhere I go.”



Yoga Student & Spiraler