Episode 1: Introducing Spiraling to Wellness Podcast

Episode 1: I am your Podcast host Kristin Ritter, here to share what inspired the Spiraling to Wellness themes that were brought to life at Nourishing Storm, my Yoga Studio & Cafe located in Hatboro, PA. 

Episode 2: Devotion with Barb Quinby, Owner of Sky Island Bed & Breakfast

Episode 2: Devotion. What part does it play in our path wellness? Barb Quinby, owner of Sky Island Bed & Breakfast discusses her inspiration for opening Sky Island as a yoga retreat center and shares how she and Kristin divinely met. This episode of Spiraling to Wellness focuses on the importance of creating a devoted practice that aligns with your intentions. For added inspiration, we invite you to follow your devotion and visit Sky Island for an upcoming retreat or getaway. 

Episode 3. Inspiration with the Owners of Inspiring Storm Yoga & Dance Studio, Dana Black & Johanna Abud

Episode 3: Inspire. Inspiring Storm Yoga Studio & Café owners Dana Black and Johanna Abud talk about what inspired each of them to fall in love with dance and yoga…and then with each other. The couple will share what led them to hold space as studio owners, building a beautifully inspiring wellness community in Warrington, PA..

Learn more about Inspiring Storm’s offerings here: https://inspiringstorm.com/

Episode 4: Finding Strength in this Storm (through Nutrition) with Dan Young, founder of Simple Again

Episode 4: Strength. Join us for a very special interview with the pioneer who taught me everything I know about nutrition and, in fact, inspired and guided me every step of the way to opening the Nourishing Storm’s cafe in 2016.

Dan Young, owner of Simple Again, a nutrition-based juice bar company featuring swiig “Stuff with Infinite Goodness” and Performance Food Centers, helps to get juice bars started from the ground up. Over the past 20 years, Dan and his incredible team have been creating the brand, menu and marketing along with supplies, training and support for more than 3,000 juice bars in health clubs, wellness centers, colleges and retail outlets across the country. Over the past 10 years, in addition to offering Dan’s supplements and whole food products in the NS Cafe, I have had the honor to work with Simple Again, first as their marketing director and now as a trainer sharing the love of whole food nutrition as it relates to performance and wellness goals.

Episode 5: Love in the time of Corona- Nancy & Tina- two NS Yoga Teachers sharing self-care ideas!

Episode 5: Inspired by recent times, Finding Love in the time of Corona, is all about how we are staying in our love and light while being asked to social distance and stay at home. In this episode, I am interviewing two of my Nourishing Storm yoga teachers Nancy Pickwell and Tina Kalnajs about how they are finding love in this time, specifically in the ways of self-care.
Nancy teaches “Yoga Love” on Thursdays 6:45pm (online now, and soon to be back at the Storm). Tina leads our “Yoga Hikes” at Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust (PERT), our home away from ommm.

Episode 6: Love in the time of Corona: Brian Schneider, founder of BCS Compost sharing ways to love mother nature with composting!

Episode 6: Continuing the theme of Love in the time of Corona, Brian Schneider, founder of BCS Compost shares what inspired him to create a compost company and how easy it can be to show love to Mother Earth by simply recycling food scraps that add up each day.

With Earth Day coming up on April 22nd our challenge for you is to take a look at what you are throwing out and see what you can compost instead. If you are in the Hatboro-Horsham or Doylestown area of PA, please go to Brian’s site to sign up for weekly compost pickups. https://www.bcscompost.com/

Episode 7: Love in the Time of Corona: “Don’t Postpone Joy” with Rick & Beth, two nearly newlyweds

Episode 7: Faith. Joining us for this episode during our month of Faith are Rick and Beth, two students of Nourishing Storm who are demonstrating their true faith in love, especially in these trying times. Both came to Yoga to find connection and, in the end, they found each other.

Tune in to hear how Rick and Beth met in their 50s and were planning to be married just as everyone was asked to stay home and avoid public gatherings. But, they kept their faith strong and decided not to “postpone joy” as decided to go forward with the wedding. Rick and Beth are shinning lights, demonstrating how they are living every day to the fullest. In this episode we talk about the most important things we can do to keep our relationships strong and be open to love as we move through life’s storms. Be prepared to fall in love with these two… and life!

Episode 8: Keep your Faith Higher than your Fear with Nikki Savage, Master Healer and Spiritual Coach

Episode 8: Faith continued … Nikki Savage, our master healer at Nourishing Storm, is the woman I turn to when I forget my faith, when everything feels heavy and I need to remember what’s important, what practices and beliefs bring me back to center. Along with being an inspirational teacher, Nikki is a Massage Therapist, Reiki practitioner, Anatomy teacher, Herbalist, creator of Love Alters and now a Certified End of Life Coach. Nikki talks about building awareness around the faith we hold and, most importantly, how to apply healing practices to keep Faith higher than our Fears. I loved having Nikki as a guest for this beautiful theme that, once applied, can carry us through any Storm.

Episode 9: Truth Seekers “Change your Thinking, Change your Life” with healer Marion McGowen

Episode 9: Truth. I am so excited to share this powerful episode with you! Marion McGowen, the “Chief Overcomer of Obstacles (COO)” of Transcending Paradigms joins me to talk about truth in relation to how we show up in our lives in the most challenging times. Marion shares how she chose to show up in the most devastating times of her life and fully stepped into her truth as a healer, teacher and mother. Be prepared to be inspired by Marion’s journey, insights and the alternative healing that she offers to help others move through the storms of life. 

Episode 10: Living Sustainably with Ann Martin & Nikki Savage

Episode 10: Sustainability. How do we nurture sustainability within ourselves and as caretakers of the earth?
We spoke with Nikki Savage, Massage Therapist and Master Healer and Ann Martin, Land scape Artist and owner of Diamond Soul Essentials about practices that allow us to fill our own cups and use the overflow to sustain others and the world around us. From literal digging-in-the-dirt efforts like composting and planting indigenous species to create sustainable habitats to daily rituals of mediation, yoga and herb-based tools like essential oils and burnables.

In this especially challenging time – for everyone – we emphasized the importance of giving gratitude, especially to yourself and making space for your daily practices whether at home, at yoga class or in nature. As people feel increasingly polarized, these modalities can enable you to bring back harmony and embrace all of your feelings and those of others without judgement.