Episode 11: What do you Choose (along with exciting news!)

Episode 11: Welcome to a new year! Introducing our theme for January {CHOOSE} along with some exciting news about our New Spiraling to Wellness Member Portala place where you can access resources from the Storm Team relating to the theme of the month. All content will be released on the 1st of each month so you can explore and integrate the insights and recommendations anytime you like throughout the month. As of a member of this portal, you will also get an invite to join our monthly zoom meeting to discuss the theme on the first Thursday of each month at 7pm. 

Hope you will join us in the  S2W portal and in this discussion centered around the question “What do you choose?” 

Wishing you a beautiful start to what WILL be our best year yet! 

Episode 12: Accept Love & Laughter with Kathy Bademan, Laughter Yoga Leader

Episode 12: February’s theme, Accept, is explored in a unique and delightful way with our special guest Kathy Bademan. Kathy is a Laughter Yoga Leader and all around most lovely lady to talk and laugh with! She shares what brought her to lead Laughter Yoga classes with a mission “to promote world peace through laughter.”  In our talk, Kathy offers some things you can do each and every day to add in more love and laughter to your life to boost self-care and ultimately achieve acceptance.

You can learn more about Kathy’s offerings here: https://laughterwithkathy.com/

Episode 13-Acceptance, Astrology & Announcing our new theme … with Samatha Ryan, Astrology Coach

Episode 13: How has accepting been going? Have you spent time exploring what you love about yourself and your life? For those areas that you are not quite “in love” with, have you paused to understand how you are feeling? Have you gained insight into what you truly want, so you can create the life of your dreams… letting your heart take the lead, of course? How would you like to learn more about who you are as it is written in the stars?

In this episode, I am talking with Samantha Ryan, a massage therapist, yoga teacher and, now, an applied astrology coach on how she helps clients “love their life”. Using birth charts as guides, Samantha explains that by embracing our unique character traits and tendencies, we can consciously identify our true desires and “be excited” about who we really are, not who we think we should be. Join us as we discuss her work and offer tools to create balance and alignment. Time to take that leap forward. Let’s rebound!

Learn more about Samantha’s offerings by emailing her at [email protected] or stop into Nourishing Storm Studio & Cafe. 

Episode 14-Healing for the Greater Good with Jess Fields

Healing can come in all forms and, often, at just the right time to create beautiful changes within ourselves and outside in the world. It takes courage to go through the healing process. However, if we are aware of where we want to go AND brave enough to heal (and we all are), we will get to the other side.

In this episode, I am talking to Jess Fields, the owner of Seven Pines Apothecary. Jess shares her healing story of rebuilding her life after moving through a divorce with two young children and leaving a business she co-owned with her ex-husband. As she dove into the hard questions and put in the work needed to not only heal, but thrive, Jess’s world opened up to possibilities she didn’t know existed and opportunities to share this passion and healing process with others.

Jess is a massage therapist, certified aromatherapist, self care advocate, creator, healer, rock star entrepreneur and mama and I can’t wait for you to join us in this conversation of pushing through comfort zones to get being in a strong place to support others healing journey.

Connect with Jess here: https://www.instagram.com/sevenpinesapothecary/?hl=en

Jess & Julie’s Podcast- Cut the Karma https://www.instagram.com/cutthekarma/

Episode 15-3 Questions to Inspire Integration with Jacob Ellis

I had the incredible opportunity to talk with Jacob Ellis, Yoga Teacher, Coach, founder of Solutions for Evolution…and an overall inspiring guy. From his childhood home in Pennsylvania to Costa Rica and back to Nourishing Storm in Hatboro, Jacob relates his transformative journey from “intention to achievable actions”. His company, and the “movement” he created, “was birthed from the questions…

“Who the heavens am I? Why am I here? And, if I can’t be happy, then what is the point of this…life?”

In this episode on the theme of INTEGRATE we talk about how these questions became the catalyst in Jacob’s bringing together all of the things that can happen when you overcome fear, take a leap of faith, and follow your heart. He has a passion to lead AND inspire others along the way in all of his offerings.

You can follow Jacob’s Journey here: https://www.instagram.com/jacobs.journey/

And learn more about Jacob’s offerings here: https://www.solutionsforevolution.com/

Episode 16- Expand to your Limits with Kyle Farris

Expand…there are so many ways you can go with this exciting and uplifting S2W theme for September. One definition that I love is “going to the limits of your longings.” But it is unique to each of us. We may be on a physical journey, an emotional journey, or a spiritual journey perhaps all three, just like our guest this month.

Kyle Farris is an accomplished Senior Learning Consultant and PhD Student researching loneliness in the workplace. He is also one of the Storm’s newly certified yoga teachers. Kyle explores with us what brought him to yoga and where the practice has taken him, which is far and wide. He discusses his philosophy for expansion and growth as well as his passion is to use his voice and teaching skills as a platform to facilitate connections between people. Kyle’s latest journey is taking him to Denver, Colorado, where he will continue to practice and teach yoga.

You can find Kyle on Instagram at Kyle_the_coach.

FLOURISH & UNITE: Embracing Wholeness Through Motherhood, Art, and Travel with Andy Greenlee

Welcome to this inspirational podcast where we explore the interconnection of the themes Flourish and Unite with Event Artist, mother, and world traveler, Andy Greenlee. Andy details the artistic journey that led her to “dive in” to the Live Arts world as well as her personal journey of self-care as a way to show up whole and present for her children, her inner circle, and her professional community. Balancing travel, work, and family, Andy talks about finding “magic and comfort” in familiar spaces and how she has experienced unity in flourishing.

You can learn more about Andy’s live painting events here and follow Andy on Instagram here.

Episode 18-Transcend: Moving beyond limiting beliefs to a place of growth with Margo Langlotz

Our final podcast of 2021 focuses on the theme of Transcend, the concept of going beyond, rising above, and leaving behind what no longer serves us. I am so excited to welcome, as our guest, Margo Langlotz, owner of Sycamore House: Integrated Healing Energy, massage therapist, Reiki master, dog obedience trainer, and awesome Nourishing Storm Yoga Instructor – not to mention a wife and mom. Margo talks about the challenges of the past year and how it led her to guide others on their healing journey. She emphasizes how important it is for people – and even animals – to transcend their fears, to not be crippled by them or enabled by others to stay in a limiting place. She emphasizes the need to “hold ourselves gently”, create spiritual grounding, and not be afraid to ask others to hold space for us on our journey. She points out that teachers are all around us and describes one of her first teachers, a pony named Pierre, who showed her how exciting it was to gallop and jump.

Learn more about Margo’s offerings here and follow her here.